Welcome to the SCASA Travel League

 For September, 2019 thru August, 2020

If you already know how to register for a SCASA Annual membership or tournament player pass, you may click one of the links below to get started.  If you are unsure of what to do, please read ALL the instructions below the links.


NOTE:  All required fees MUST be paid by credit card, and a full head/face shot picture for your player pass MUST be uploaded to your account to finish registration (if you already have a suitable picture on file, it will show during your registration). Please have these 2 items ready before you start the registration process - IF YOU CLOSE THE PROCESS BEFORE THE FINAL SCREEN, YOU WILL NOT BE REGISTERED. 


If you have trouble with your log in, try resetting your password and keep in mind that ALL passwords MUST now be 6 - 8 characters in length, contain upper and lowercase letters, and contain a number OR THEY WILL NOT WORK.


Tournament Team Registrations

If you want to register for a team going to atournament and have alreadypaid your $25 SCASA Annual Membership fee for the current season in a SCASA league, OR want to renew your $25 Annual Membership for the new year, click the link below, choose your team, and log in:




If you ONLY want to register for one specific SINGLE TOURNAMENT this season, click on one of the 7 Day Tournament Pass options below, choose your team, and log in:


(WARNING:  DO NOT USE THE LINK BELOW IF YOU HAVE ALREADY PAID FOR A $25 ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEE THIS SOCCER YEAR - your current registration is adequate, all you need to do isget your name on the correct team roster through the link above this, andrequest a player pass).


$12 for a 7 Day Tournament Only Pass 


Team Managers please note that you will FIRST need to contact the SCASA Registrar by phone or email (see contact info at end of the page) with the following information before your team or players will be able to register to your traveling team:

  1. The complete name that is or will be on your personal Team Admin/Player account
  2. The name of your team as you have it registered with the out-of-state event
  3. The name of the out-of-state event
  4. Who and where it is being hosted (organization, city & state)
  5. The dates of the tournament from date of check-in thru last date of play.

SCASA Membership Types Defined

If you wish to renew your Annual Membership for the current soccer-year, click the link below:


$25 SCASA Annual Membership - This level includes a full soccer-year membership in SCASA. The current soccer-year covered is the 12 month period from September 1, 2019 – August 31, 2020.The benefits of this level are:


  1. You only pay the SCASA Annual Membership fee ONCE per soccer-year, but paying this fee is REQUIRED to participate in ANY regular season play in ANY SCASA affiliated local league.
  2. Once you have paid this fee, you are eligible to register and participate in any and all SCASA sanctioned League play statewide for the entire soccer-year – you will only have to pay the local league assessed fees.
  3. You are covered by a Supplemental Injury insurance policy for the soccer-year that may help pay claims if you are injured during any SCASA or USASA sanctioned event.
  4. SCASA is a member of USASA and US Soccer.  As a member, individuals and/or teams may be eligible to participate in sanctioned soccer events hosted by SCASA and other organizations who are affiliated with these parent organizations.
  5. You can request a free laminated SCASA/USASA player pass that is recognized by affiliated organizations nationwide.

$12 for a 7 Day Tournament Only Pass - This level allows SC State Residents to be eligible for the Supplemental Injury insurance and receive a temporary 7 day membership & SCASA/USASA player pass for a single, specific tournament.  After that time period, a person will no longer be covered.  If they wish to play in another tournament or in a local league later in the soccer-year, they will be charged again for SCASA Fees.


If you have questions or need further information, please contact the SCASA Registrar, Sofia Hernandez at:


  • SCASA Registrar
  • 803-240-9277



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